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We appreciate your business with us.
We ship across India through our trusted shipping partners which are third-party logistics service providers, to efficiently make the products available to our customers across the country.
Details of the specific logistics partner of specific orders are provided to customers through SMS or WhatsApp messaging (if the customer has chosen to do so) and through email, along with the shipping tracking number and relevant details.
Customers also receive the tentative date of delivery at the time of receiving the logistics partner details. This information is also available for the purchased product under the “my orders” section on our website.
The tentative date of delivery is only an approximation based on the communicated guidance from the logistics partner and may not be the exact date of delivery in some cases. Further communication in this regard is provided to customers as and when a more robust approximation is received from the logistics partner.
While we try our best to work with our logistics partner to deliver the product as early as possible, Eluxier shall not be liable for delays in delivery by third-party logistics partners. 
As part of the purchase process outlined on our website, the customer is prompted to provide an accurate delivery address with a contact number and accurate information along with landmarks( if any) to aid easy delivery. 
Eluxier shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for a failure to deliver the purchased products arising due to the user’s failure to provide correct, complete, and/or accurate information.
Order delivery: 
Dispatch of orders;
Orders are usually dispatched within 72 hours of the customer placing the order. However, in line with govt. guidelines for your state, or due to any other reasons beyond our control, delays might happen.
Upon successfully placing an order and after We(Eluxier) have successfully handed over the purchased products to the logistics partner, the customer will receive a unique tracking Identity number through email and messaging.
Delivery of Orders;
Most orders from Eluxier are delivered within 7 working days across India. We make a maximum of 3 delivery attempts to reach the customer in case of unavailability. If the customer remains unavailable after 3 attempts, we reserve the right to cancel the order at our discretion.
While we strive to ensure timely delivery of the purchased products, there may be delays due to factors beyond our/ our logistics partners' control such as;

  1. Unsuitable weather conditions

  2. Political disruption, Strikes, Lockouts, and Restrictions imposed by govt. or other parties

  3. Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc.

  4. Any other unforeseen circumstances

In case of any of the above or other unforeseen circumstances, we will make reasonable efforts to inform the customer proactively through their provided emails and/or phone numbers. Please note that Eluxier shall not be liable or obligated to compensate the customer for any mental distress or any other claims arising from shipment and delivery delays due to unforeseen circumstances
Issues with Delivery:
In rare cases where a customer receives a wrongfully delivered product, a damaged or missing product, or if the delivered product has manufacturing defects, we dissuade the customers from accepting any delivery with damaged external packaging. However,  if the outer package is reasonably secured and there are other problems with delivery, we request our customers to send a detailed email to us at within 24 hours of the delivery. We request the customers to take detailed and clear photographs of the unopened package in case the outer package is damaged, or photographs of the damaged parts/products, in case the defects are seen after opening the outer packaging. After reasonable verification, we initiate the return pickup which may take 10-15 days from the date of completing the verification.
Please refer to our exchange and return policy for more details.

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