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Eluxier is a quaint amalgam of two ancient words, Elixir (evolved from the Greek word Xerion, referring to alchemy) and Luxury (originally the Latin word Luxuria, referring to extravagance).

Eluxier is the unwavering elixir that saps through us carrying a subtle air of luxury to choose unapologetic self-care. 

Eluxier (ih-lug-shi-er)

Evolved care is a manifestation of Eluxier's commitment to the community of wellness enthusiasts who put wellness above everything else. It is their passion that keeps us innovating and wandering in pursuit of creating better. We strive to make skincare simpler for them.

Recent innovations in skincare have created unlimited possibilities that we often confuse as recommendations, however, they are just options, to choose better and to simplify. Simplification is not merely a philosophy, not anymore. Simplifying is the very purpose of skincare.

Eluxier experience is a synergy between purpose and opulence, a humble balance between what you 'could indulge in' versus what you 'should embrace'. 

Eluxier's evolved wellness principles focus on basic aspects of skin's anatomy and biochemistry, preventing the cascade that eventually leads to micro-skin concerns.

Eluxier's evolved care is a reassuring promise of the following;

  1. Microbiome Friendly: pH-optimized formulas made with microbiome-nurturing ingredients

  2. Skin-Identical: Use biodynamic ingredients that are synergic, biomimic, and pro-barrier

  3. Clean Label: Slow and sustainable care that categorically eliminates the 'Dirty-30' from skincare

Anatomy of evolved care

Eluxier is a promise of unfiltered communication about who we are, where our ingredients come from, what makes our products different, and how we ensure the sustainability of our business.

The clean label is an ingrained commitment to our passion for skin care and respect for the trust that our customers put in us.

Eluxier is extremely conservative when it comes to product safety. Our bias towards the 'Slow and Sustainable' wellness' led us to remove 30 types of chemicals that are either proven harmful to animals, plants, and the environment, or there is too little data on their safety to claim they are safe.

These chemicals accumulate in our bodies, and interfere with hormone functioning, metabolism, and protein biosynthesis, especially with the use of multiple products in every skin routine, the risk of cumulative exposure increases significantly. For a detailed list of these ingredients, refer to our stories.

Skincare without the Dirty Thirty

We are all navigating through the quest to discover our true north, face-forward. Our values help us build a shared future with our customers and when in doubt, guide us to choose among chaos. We are driven by our core beliefs and the unique sensibilities for evolved care; Synergic, Curious, Resilient, and Eunoia, collectively defined by the acronym 'SyCuRE'. Everything we do is just a reflection of these.

Synergic makes things better together, empowers others, and brings out the best in whatever we do.

Curiosity is our constant quest to look beyond the obvious, to find the answers, and to build better.

Resilience motivates us to persevere, to better our best, and to build that hardened spirit to thrive.

Eunoia reminds us of keeping people above everything else, of being optimistic and empathic.

Our values are the authentic guide rail on this transformative journey that converges our path to a safer, more beautiful tomorrow.

'SyCuRE' Values are our true north

Research at Eluxier is a blend of scientific rigor and serendipity.

Making skincare products is as much an art as it is science. There are more than imaginable ways to fail than succeed in creating a stable product.

The research team at Eluxier is a mix of Ingredient experts, clinical dermatologists, formulation scientists, and experts in forestry, herbology, and agriculture.

Every Eluxier recipe celebrates innovative ingredients that have been rigorously tested among a pool of volunteers for safety, efficacy, inclusivity, and consistency.

The inherent approach to innovating at Eluxier has been the curiosity to find functional and closely mimic skin's native biochemistry.

We have come far, but not done yet! Our quest persists. Every new ingredient, every new skin challenge, sparks a new brainwave to create something fresh and start something all over. 

Research is our true heirloom

Skincare products are merely stable blends of ingredients, therefore, the quality of products is only as good as the quality of the ingredients.

Although technology is critical, ingredients are still the true heroes. 

All Eluxier ingredients are made either naturally (Herbal extracts, minerals, or synthesized in the lab from a plant extract) or synthetically, like peptides.

Lab-made ingredients that qualify the ingredient selection criteria are only the ones that follow biotechnology, enzymatic, or green chemistry principles (where starting material is renewable, manufacturing conditions don't involve high temperatures or pressure, and organic solvents are not used for manufacturing or purification).

Every ingredient is holistically assessed for its life cycle impact on the environment.

We evaluate more than a hundred new ingredients every year and follow an 8-step qualifying criteria to approve/disprove ingredients. 

Our Ingredients are the true heroes

“We studied contemporary ingredients and technologies during our pharmaceutical education, but it was only when we made the Eluxier products, that we realized that all those legends of natural ingredients, have virtues in the fierce gaze of modern science and still hold tall.”

-- Eluxier was founded in 2021 by Praveen and Priyanka, both pharmaceutical sciences nerds.

They are currently based in Bengaluru, India


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Call Us: +91 94482 23333

Write to us:

Regd address:

Wework, Embassy Tech Village, Outer Ring Road,

Devara Beesana Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103, India

Call Us: +91 94482 23333

Write to us:

Regd address:

Wework, Embassy Tech Village, Outer Ring Road,

Devara Beesana Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103, India

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